Introduction In 1996 several people embarked on a journey which lead to a new creative “thinking, communication and problem-solving method”. On the one side Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, CEO of the family owned LEGO® company, on the other side the professors Victor and Roos from the Lausanne-based IMD business school. Kristiansen realised that playing was irreversibly changing with the rise of video games but the company lacked to developed a new… Read More »SERIOUS PLAY®

Innovation in Times of Corona

Introduction When you write a text and need to translate it into another language a simple word-by-word translation often doesn’t do the trick. The text won’t have the same flow as in its original language. We need to think in the structure of the other language. The same applies for innovation tools as brainstorming, brain writing, innovation workshops in general. We need to learn to think “digital” and not just translate… Read More »Innovation in Times of Corona

Simply Design Thinking

Introduction Design thinking is a methodical approach to develop innovative ideas for products, services or business models, taking into account the needs and motivation of customers. Starting even with a rough idea, solutions to complex problems can be developed in an iterative process, making them visible via prototypes and optimizing them with feedback. The widely popular Scrum method is an agile approach like Design Thinking and also used to develop… Read More »Simply Design Thinking


Something old

Something old, really? Working in the field of innovation and change management makes one look for the new, the disruptive, the next fancy method. In the traditional rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” “something old” reminds us of our origins. And even though we all like the new shiny things being aware of our origins and using traditional methods where they promise better results is just the… Read More »Something old